Irish Cryptocurrency giveaway for St Patricks Day

IrishCoin and the all-new CryptoCafe on Aungier Street in Dublin will be giving away €5 worth of IrishCoin (IRL) to the first 20 customers for every purchase of coffee in store. Just call in and ask for your IRL on the day! Slainte!
Nash Basel proprieter of the CryptoCafe in Dublin 

The IrishCoin team will be rolling out it’s updated digital wallets in April so you can buy Coffee in IRL at the CryptoCafe and other outlets in Dublin.

CryptoCafe was opened in Dublin by Crypto investor and enthusiast Nash Basel as a new way of selling coffee via digital currencies.  The concept has taken off especially from a marketing perspective and the store emulates this with screens showing the latest crypto prices via coinmarketcap. The gourmet coffee and in-house bakes are exceptionally and good and seem to be giving Starbucks across the road a run for their money, or crypto as the case may be.  

IrishCoin a well-established cryptocurrency since 2014 has been trading on the crest of the recent crypto boom and subsequent correction for over 4 years. As recently as 14 January 2018, the coin’s value grew by over 3,000% in an overnight trading with 2 million dollars worth of coins traded in 24 hours.  Its popularity has partly come from the exponential demand for cryptocurrencies and partly from its solid foundation when compared to most other coins that are just out to make money for their developers. This is also expected to boost the coin’s reception in the Irish tourism industry especially considering that it is offering incentives such as discounts for users. For more information visit the IrishCoin website (Update coming on the 17th) twitter:

CryptoCafe is located on Dublin’s Aungier Street straight across from the historical Whitefriars St Church.

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