IrishCoin radio ad reaches 10,000 plays on soundcloud.

Thanks to the folks at Studio2 in Dublin, IrishCoin’s Radio ad has reached a massive 10,000 plays on soundcloud alone. Radio advertising has been essential in getting IRL out there to the Irish community abroad. Bitcoin and alt crypto currencies are an anomaly to the lay person, we at IrishCoin knew we would have major hurdles in getting the concept across to a wider global audience as well as at home. Between print, digital and radio media we estimate IRL has been exposed to over one million people world wide. This should translate into real usage in time as we roll out on-line and bricks & mortar discount opportunities. As we mark one year from inception on May 17th our objective is to work over the summer months with our new IRL terminal partners (yes tons of trail and errors) to bring real world transactions to the tourist market.

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