IrishCoin joins UnitedCoins of Europe

IrishCoin joins UnitedCoins of Europe


Dedicated to the standardization, protection and promotion of national and regional cryptocurrencies based on Bitcoin technology for Europe Union

The project is designed to form a functional entity comprising a software platform and a comprehensive infrastructure:

  • UnitedCoins Payment Gateway – Creation of a network of national branch offices for national cryptocurrencies who will be in charge of
    developing in their country under the brand name of its
    cryptocurrency and a common brand UnitedCoins
  • Network of ATMs for UnitedCoins – Network of ATMs for cash transactions deposits, withdrawals and exchanges connected to Crown-EX
  • UnitedCoins Stocks – Multi currency stock exchange / crowd funding platform
    for cryptocurrencies of UnitedCoins
  • UnitedCoins CryptoBank – Cryptocurrency bank for providing standard bank services in cryptocurrencies (loans in cryptocurrencies and investment funds for projects on UnitedCoins Stocks)

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